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Skepsis Vol. 16,1-2 (2005).

A Journal for Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Research.
Edited by L.C. Bargeliotes and N. Chronis.
2005. 318 S. 38,50 Euro. 17 x 24 cm. 978-3-89665-414-4.
(Skepsis Bd. 16)

Inhaltsverzeichnis/Table of content (PDF)

Prospekt (Druckversion/PDF) / Information leaflet (Print version/PDF)

Special edition in honour of Professor J.P. Anton

Contents: Preface – John P. Anton: Biography - Ergography – XVI / i: Linda Ardito: Mousike and Politikos Bios in the Athenian PolisLeonidas Bargeliotes: Organismic Interconnections and the Arts – Philip Bishop: Self, School and Society: The Role of Education in the Development of the Individual in Plato, Dewey and Anton – John Bussanich: The Limits of Rationalism in Socratic Philosophy – Fatma Pinar Canevi: Plato on the Art of Becoming – Diskin Clay: The Comic Poet of Plato's Symposium – Joseph Cummins: The Play of Anticipation and Competition in Plato's SymposiumKostas Kalimtzis: Ancient Philosophy's Contribution to the Understanding of Anger – Androniki Kalogiratou: The Wandering Soul in Plato and Cavafy – Christopher Kirby: Socrates, the Eros of Philosophy and American Naturalism – George Koumakis: The Ways of Being of The Olympic Games Today – Aikaterini Lefka: Socrates' Unending Quest of Virtue in the First Platonic Dialogues – Anthony Preus: Citizenship and Participation in Government in Classical Greek Political Thought – Spyridon Rangos: On Diotima's Allusions to Earlier Speakers in Plato's SymposiumJoseph Sen: The Silence of the Philosophers – XVI / ii: Alireza Azadi: A Trace of Hermeneutics in Plato and Aristotle – E.P. Brandon: Justice and the Yellow Pages – Xenia Georgopoulou: Aristotle and Beyond: Making and Breaking the Rules of Drama – Apostolos Kaproulias: The Methodological Principles of Socratic Gnoseology in the Work of the Neoplatonic Philosopher Proclus – Charalampos Magoulas: Du Mythos de la Poetique Aristotelicienne au Mythe des Sciences du Langage: Un Cas de Transposition Semiotique – Michael Mantzanas: Autogosia Through an Inter-Disciplinary Approach: Philosophical, Theological and Psychological – Mitsuyoshi Nomura: Hedonism and Anti-Hedonism in Plato's Gorgias E.E. Pender: Plain Speaking? Socrates PolutroposJesus Principe: Socratic Apotheosis – Nalin Ranasinghe: Inspiration, Interpretation and Interdependence: Gods and Men in the EuthyphroHeather Reid: The Art of Teaching Philosophy in Plato's LysisPeter Schuller: Moral, Ontological, and Ad Hominem Arguments: Socrates Teaches a Moral Lesson in the PhilebusMonica Vilhauer: Socratic Dialogue and the Ethical Conditions of Knowledge

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Andere neue Titel aus dieser Schriftenreihe/Other new books from this series:

Skepsis Vol. 23 (2013). Edited by L.C. Bargeliotes and E. Demenchonok.

Andere Neuerscheinungen/Other new books:

By the sophists to Aristotle through Plato. Edited by Elisabetta Cattanei, Arianna Fermani, Maurizio Migliori.

For a Skeptical Peripatetic. Edited by Yosef Liebersohn, Ivor Ludlam and Amos Edelheit.

The Harmony of Conflict. Edited by Francisco L. Lisi and Michele Curnis.

Il NOUS di Aristotele. Edited by Fabio Stella, Maria Giovanna Sillitti, Francesco Fronterotta.

José Antonio Giménez Salinas. Theorie und Praxis bei Platon.

Licciardi, Ivan Adriano. Parmenide tràdito, Parmenide tradìto nel Commentario di Simplicio alla Fisica di Aristotele.

Mansfeld, Jaap et al. Melissus between Miletus and Elea.

Meister Eckhart. Kommentar zum Buch der Weisheit. 2. Auflage. Eingeleitet, übersetzt und erläutert von Karl Albert.

Newton, Isaac. Mathematische Grundlagen der Naturphilosophie. 4. Auflage. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Ed Dellian.

Nous, Polis, Nomos. Edited by A. Havlíček / Ch. Horn / J. Jinek .

Ostenfeld, Erik Nis. Human Wisdom.

Plato in Symposium. Edited by Mauro Tulli and Michael Erler.

Reason and No-reason from Ancient Philosophy to Neurosciences. Edited by R. Loredana Cardullo and Francesco Coniglione.

Robinson, Thomas M. The Other Olympians.

Understanding the 'Phaedrus'. Second edition. Edited by Livio Rossetti.