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The Internet Journal of the International Plato Society


Skepsis Vol. 16,1-2 (2005).

A Journal for Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Research.
Edited by L.C. Bargeliotes and N. Chronis.
2005. 318 S. 38,50 Euro. 17 x 24 cm. 978-3-89665-414-4.
(Skepsis Bd. 16)

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Special edition in honour of Professor J.P. Anton

Contents: Preface – John P. Anton: Biography - Ergography – XVI / i: Linda Ardito: Mousike and Politikos Bios in the Athenian PolisLeonidas Bargeliotes: Organismic Interconnections and the Arts – Philip Bishop: Self, School and Society: The Role of Education in the Development of the Individual in Plato, Dewey and Anton – John Bussanich: The Limits of Rationalism in Socratic Philosophy – Fatma Pinar Canevi: Plato on the Art of Becoming – Diskin Clay: The Comic Poet of Plato's Symposium – Joseph Cummins: The Play of Anticipation and Competition in Plato's SymposiumKostas Kalimtzis: Ancient Philosophy's Contribution to the Understanding of Anger – Androniki Kalogiratou: The Wandering Soul in Plato and Cavafy – Christopher Kirby: Socrates, the Eros of Philosophy and American Naturalism – George Koumakis: The Ways of Being of The Olympic Games Today – Aikaterini Lefka: Socrates' Unending Quest of Virtue in the First Platonic Dialogues – Anthony Preus: Citizenship and Participation in Government in Classical Greek Political Thought – Spyridon Rangos: On Diotima's Allusions to Earlier Speakers in Plato's SymposiumJoseph Sen: The Silence of the Philosophers – XVI / ii: Alireza Azadi: A Trace of Hermeneutics in Plato and Aristotle – E.P. Brandon: Justice and the Yellow Pages – Xenia Georgopoulou: Aristotle and Beyond: Making and Breaking the Rules of Drama – Apostolos Kaproulias: The Methodological Principles of Socratic Gnoseology in the Work of the Neoplatonic Philosopher Proclus – Charalampos Magoulas: Du Mythos de la Poetique Aristotelicienne au Mythe des Sciences du Langage: Un Cas de Transposition Semiotique – Michael Mantzanas: Autogosia Through an Inter-Disciplinary Approach: Philosophical, Theological and Psychological – Mitsuyoshi Nomura: Hedonism and Anti-Hedonism in Plato's Gorgias E.E. Pender: Plain Speaking? Socrates PolutroposJesus Principe: Socratic Apotheosis – Nalin Ranasinghe: Inspiration, Interpretation and Interdependence: Gods and Men in the EuthyphroHeather Reid: The Art of Teaching Philosophy in Plato's LysisPeter Schuller: Moral, Ontological, and Ad Hominem Arguments: Socrates Teaches a Moral Lesson in the PhilebusMonica Vilhauer: Socratic Dialogue and the Ethical Conditions of Knowledge

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22 · Skepsis Vol. XXII (2012). Edited by L.C. Bargeliotes and E. Demenchonok.