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Skepsis Vol. 22 (2012).

Proceedings of the Ninth World Congress. Olympic and Elian Dialogues.
Edited by L.C. Bargeliotes and E. Demenchonok.
2013. 1531 S. 78,50 Euro. 17,3 x 23,8 cm. 1105-1582.
(Skepsis Bd. 22)

Prospekt (Druckversion/PDF) / Information leaflet (Print version/PDF)


Skepsis XXII consists of four fascicles:


volume i (447 pp),

volume ii (435 pp),

volume iii (468 pp),

volume iii (a) (181 pp).

All fascicles can be purchased separately.

Volume i up to volume iii cost 36.50 EUR each plus shipping,

the supplementary volume iii a) costs EUR 28.00 plus shipping.







Volume I

Christopher Vasillopoulos

Intra-European Orientalism: The Assault on German Unity – 19


Part I


Edward Demenchonok

Human Rights in a Pluralistic World – 42

Eudora Pettigrew

Promotion and Protection of Human Rights: the roles of Governments, Institutions of Higher Education and Human Rights Organizations – 77

Hope Fitz

Plato and Gandhi: Justice and Ahimsa – 89

Anastasia Dimitrakopoulou

Aristotle's Distinction between the Oligarchs and Democrats on the Basis of the Protection of their Interests – 117

Nasia Lyckoura

Political and Social Justice in Hesiod's Works and Days – 128

Kantilal Das

Amartya Sen on 'The Idea of Justice' – 135

Leroy Pelton

Love and Justice – 152

Abha Singh

Orientations of Social Justice: An Indian Perspective – 163

Y. V. Satyanarayna

Preferential Treatment: A Justifiable Means for Promoting Social Justice – 187

Grigorios Karafillis

Philosophical Approach of Racism:

Under the View of the Reinforcing and Institutional Model – 195

Donovan Miyasaki

Egalitarianisms, Good and Bad: A Nitzschean Defense of Illiberal Equality – 204

Daniel Tigard

Private Interests in a Public World: A Deweyan Reconstruction – 216

Gabriela Martinez Sainz

The Influence of Utilitarianism on Human Rights Education – 237


Part II


Rachel Tillman

Dewey and Aristotle on the Aims of Democratic Education – 250

Ermolaos Psarianos

Reclaiming Democratic Culture by Revisiting Dewey's Educational Philosophy – 263

Scott Campbell

Democracy and Liberal Education – 274

Vassilios Oikonomidis

Learning Democracy in Kindergarten and the Role of the Teacher – 285

Daniela Camhy

Education for Democracy and Philosophy for Children – 304

Genovefa Papadima

The Political Implications of Constructive Learning for Modern Democratic Culture – 314

Vasiliki Karavakou

Democracy, Pluralism and Education – 325

Olena Tararina

The Special Features of the Development of the Students-Youth's Democratic Culture in the Educational Process of the University – 346

Maria Panagiotopoulou

Από την Δημοκρατία στην Παιδεία ή το Αντίστροφο;

(From Democracy to Paideia or Vice Versa?) – 351


Part III


Latif Kazmi

Islamic Ethics of Peace and Human Welfare – 360

Sanghamitra Dasgupta

Practical Vendata of Swami Vivekananda as a Foundational Ethical Principle of Interreligious Dialogue – 387

Yang Hanxu

Moral as Action: On Wang Yang-ming's Ethics Theory – 397

Hasse Hamelainen

Conservative Virtue – 406

Masahito Takashi

Plato on Wealth and Freedom – 416

Michalis Matzanas

Political Ethics in Plato and Aristotle – 425

Chengwen Mou

On Universal Vale Culture – 438




Volume II


Part I


Leonidas Bargeliotes

Cultural Competition and its Impact on the Citizens and the State – 30

Heather Reid

The Political Heritage of the Olympic Games: Relevance, Risks, and Possible Rewards – 46

Hara Thliveri

Towards a democratic understanding of Topos and Logos: The Olympia of Angelos Sikelianos – 65




Paris Arnopoulos

Classics & Moderns: What Ancient Greece Can Teach Us – 80

Stamatis Portelanos

Intercivilisation et Universalite dans l'approche de l'Hellenisme et du Christianisme - à l'occasion de la fete des Trois Saints Hierarques – 96

Martha Beck

The Democratic Culture of Ancient Athens:

An Inspiration and a Cautionary Tale for our Time – 117

Gennady Drach

The Ancient Paratigm of Democratic Culture – 127

Christos Terezis - Elias Tempelis

Justice and Democracy in Plato's Laws – 133

Sanaullah Mir

Contemporary Relevance of Philosophy – 148

Dilipkumar Mohanta

The Vedantic Model of Religious Pluralism – 167

Lorenz Festin

Religion in Democratic Society – 176

Richard Evanoff

Bioregionalism and Direct Democracy on a Global Scale – 185

Aleksandar Kandic

The Physics of Social Process – 204

Raghunath Ghosh

Bio-Informatics: Its Limitations and Ethical Issues in Cyber Culture – 225

Abraham Joseph

Democratic Gulture: Historical Reflections and Modern Transformations – 231

Fadeva & Panov

Democratic Culture and Struggle for Identity – 242

Zhang Zengxiang

The Historical Connotation of Democratic Culture – 257

Ilaria Ramelli

Social Equality in Early Christian Thinkers:

Gregory of Nyssa's Radical Views – 266

Eleni Karambatzaki

ΗΑρχαίαΕλληνικήΦιλοσοφία Μέσαστο Πλαίσιο

τηςΔημοκρατικήςΚουλτούρας τηςΠόλης-Κράτους

-ΟρισμένεςΔιακριβώσεις – 303

Despoina Potari

The Importance of Participation: A conceptual morphological approach – 312


ΟΧαρακτήρας τηςΑθηναϊκήςΔημοκρατίαςστο Εσωτερικό

καιστο ΕξωτερικόΠεδίο τηςΠολιτικής κατάτη ΘουκυδίδειαΞυγγραφή – 326

Thanos Koutroubas

ΟΚοσμοπολιτισμόςτων ΣτωικώνκαιηΣύγχρονηΠαγκοσμιοποίηση – 336


Part III


Wang Keping

Plato's Critique of Corrupted Democracy: A Case Analysis of the Theatrocracy – 348

Werner Kriglstein

The Aesthetic Dimension of Democratic Culture and the Wisdom of Crowds – 359

Sui Gang

A Post-Postmodernist Jurney Back to the West Land and Beyond - On the Enduring Cultural Values

of T.S. Eliot' s Faith- Related Images – 381

Andreas Markantonatos

Hero Cult in Sophocles' Ajax: An Argument from Narratology – 410

Tatiana Shatunova

Harmonizing Role of Aesthetics in the Modern Culture – 421

Anastasia Karamba

Art as a Way of Unconcealment oh the Truth of the Beings – 425




Volume III


Part I

Charles S. Brown

Democracy in Dealoque: Chinese and Indonesian Responses to Western Ideologies of Democracy – 24

Vasiliy Gritsenko

Political System and Democracy in Contemporary Russia – 38

Dinar Fattakhov

Democracy in Russia the XXXI Century – 51

You-Sheng Li

The Ancient Chinese Super State of Genetically Coded Primary Societies and its Implications for Modern Democracy – 56

Marie Pauline Eboh

Ethics of Peace and Conflict Resolution vis-á-vis Youth Restiveness and Militancy in Niger delta Nigeria – 66

Ogbujah Columbus

The Idea of Personhood in Africa: Implications for Continental Peace – 79

Ranilo Hermida

Imagining Modern democracy: the Philippine Experiment – 107

Shiladitya Chakraborty

Political Culture and the Culture of Corruption in India – 122

Zhaoming Gao

The Practice of Democracy: China's Predicament and Chinese Wisdom – 134

Xiunjuan Chen

Civic Education, Civil Society Cultivation and Modern the Appeal of Good Governance:

Reflection on the Construction of Democratic Politics in China – 142

Zhongze Li

Reflection on the Social Transformation and Cultural Change in China – 155

Damodar Singh

Shudras Rndeavour for Social Equality in Mughal India – 165

Modise Leepo

Democracy is not Flawless: South African Perspective – 177

Rachna Kaushal

The Problems and Prospects of Appliction of Universal Human Rights in a Culturally Diverse Society: a Case of Cedaw in India – 195

Peter Dumbuya

Civil War and Erosion of State Sovereignty in Africa:

Overcoming Challenges to Democracy in Sierra Leone – 207


Part II


Phillip Kelly

Wither Democracy? My Search for Likely Causes – 236

Ekaterina Churashova Chuksina

Battle for Interpretive Dominance – 248

George Steiris

Al-Farabi's Economical State and its Modern Connotations – 253

Jovino Pizzi

Top-Down and Bottom- Up Democracy: The New Politics Configuration – 262

Ashok Mahotra

Reflections on Clash or Reconcilation of Civilizations – 281

Egor Makharov

Dialogue of Cultures and Tolerance – 296

Marta Sghirinzetti

Democracy and Intercultural Dialogue.

Some Remarks Starting from Charles Taylor – 301

Tatiana Danilchenko

Political Lacunas (Gaps) and Democracy – 315

Emily Tajsin

Language Is Never Neutral – 323

Fidel Gutierrez

Foundations and Ways of Integration of Humanity – 336

Anayra Santory

The Democratic Exit for Liberalism – 341

Olga Gomilko

Post-Totalitarian Situation: Totalitarian Virtualization vs. Democratic Free Thinking? – 354

Earnest Bracey

Speaking Truth to the Masses:

The Nonviolent Politics of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – 363

Jean Campbell

Ideology versus Self-Determination–Guises of Democracy as a Political Principle – 381

Panos Eliopoulos

The Relation between Truth and Democracy:

Principles for an Effective Interaction – 399




Marc Lucht

Animal Rights in a Democratic Context – 412

Arpana Dhar Das

Environmental Justice and Future Generation – 429

Xiaohua Wang

On Equity between Human and Nature – 445

Chrysoula Gitsoulis

Carrying Capacity, Ecological Footprint, and Overpopulation – 454




Supplementary Volume III (a)

Kyriaki Goudeli

Atthenian Democracy and Tragedy – 9

Christine James

Civil Discourse and Public Administration:

Making the Ephebic Oath Relevant Today – 20

Ruth Burch

Donna Haraway's Democratic "Situated Knowledge" as an Epistemology for All – 41

Giorgos Lyckouras

For a World Culture of Delphi – 52

Karen Green

Macaulay and Democracy Culture – 63

Damian Islas Mondragon

The Linguistic-Cultural Nature of Scientific Truth – 80

Charalampos Magoulas

Towards the Revival of Direct Democracy – 89

Alexia Georgakopoulos

Working Toward Peace and Conflict Resolution with Scholarship of Engagement:

Dramatic Problem Solving Facilitator Model (DPSFM) and Interactive Management (IM) – 99

Τσουκαλάς Γεώργιος

Αιτίες Φθοράς της Δημοκρατίας και Ανοχής των Πολιτών – 130

Giama-Bakonikola Elsi

Εξουσία και Κυριαρχία στην Αρχαία Ελληνική Τραγωδία

και σε Σύγχρονες Μεταγραφές της – 148

INDEX – 159

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Order book (Englisch order form)

Andere neue Titel aus dieser Schriftenreihe/Other new books from this series:

Skepsis Vol. 23 (2013). Edited by L.C. Bargeliotes and E. Demenchonok.

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By the sophists to Aristotle through Plato. Edited by Elisabetta Cattanei, Arianna Fermani, Maurizio Migliori.

For a Skeptical Peripatetic. Edited by Yosef Liebersohn, Ivor Ludlam and Amos Edelheit.

The Harmony of Conflict. Edited by Francisco L. Lisi and Michele Curnis.

Il NOUS di Aristotele. Edited by Fabio Stella, Maria Giovanna Sillitti, Francesco Fronterotta.

José Antonio Giménez Salinas. Theorie und Praxis bei Platon.

Licciardi, Ivan Adriano. Parmenide tràdito, Parmenide tradìto nel Commentario di Simplicio alla Fisica di Aristotele.

Mansfeld, Jaap et al. Melissus between Miletus and Elea.

Meister Eckhart. Kommentar zum Buch der Weisheit. 2. Auflage. Eingeleitet, übersetzt und erläutert von Karl Albert.

Newton, Isaac. Mathematische Grundlagen der Naturphilosophie. 4. Auflage. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Ed Dellian.

Nous, Polis, Nomos. Edited by A. Havlíček / Ch. Horn / J. Jinek .

Ostenfeld, Erik Nis. Human Wisdom.

Plato in Symposium. Edited by Mauro Tulli and Michael Erler.

Reason and No-reason from Ancient Philosophy to Neurosciences. Edited by R. Loredana Cardullo and Francesco Coniglione.

Robinson, Thomas M. The Other Olympians.

Understanding the 'Phaedrus'. Second edition. Edited by Livio Rossetti.