Our collection of publications on education is distinguished above all by those by the Deutsche Comenius Gesellschaft (German Comenius Society).

Academia publishes the Comenius Yearbook annually, which addresses the work, life and influence of Johann Amos Comenius (1592–1670). In addition, the series Philosophieren mit Kindern (Philosophising with Children) and Bewegtes Lernen (Learning in Motion) contain important publications, including didactic and methodological ones, for teaching in practice.

Publication series

Beiträge zur Pädagogik

Edited by Academia Verlag

The in-house “Beiträge zur Pädagogik” (Contributions to Pedagogy) gather outstanding publications in the field of educational science and cover a broad spectrum. Approaches to reform pedagogy find just as much a place as studies on educational theory and the influence of stays abroad on pupils. Qualification theses from the dissertation onwards are particularly welcome.

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Bewegtes Lernen

Edited by Prof. Dr. habil Christina Müller, head of the project „Bewegte Schule“ at Leipzig University.

The series Bewegtes Lernen provides (aspiring) teachers of both primary and secondary schools with theoretical methods and practical approaches concerning a motion-based method of learning. Teachers and teacher trainees will find specific excersizes tailored to their respective subjects as well as an overview to the benefits of motion in achieving learning success.

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Philosophieren mit Kindern

Philosophieren mit Kindern” (Philosophising with Children) is a long-standing project of the Austrian Society for Philosophy with Children under the direction of Mag. Dr. Dr. h.c. Daniela G. Camhy. The aim is to introduce children to philosophy through stories in a playful way by discussing the questions about life, nature and the world posed in the stories. The stories and accompanying manuals written by the pioneer of children’s philosophy, Matthew Lipman, have been translated and updated for today by Daniela G. Camhy.

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Schriften der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Kinderphilosophie

Every year, an International Congress on Philosophy of Children takes place in Graz under a specific motto. This series bundles the conference proceedings of these congresses with a selection of the manifold lectures. As a scientific complement to the more practically oriented publications of the “Philosophieren mit Kindern” series, both form the publisher’s “Children’s Philosophy” cluster.

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Schriften zur Comenius-Forschung

Edited on behalf of the German Comenius Society, by Andreas Fritsch, Andreas Lischewski and Uwe Voigt.

Parallel to the Comenius Yearbook, monographs and anthologies on the diverse writings and approaches of Johan Amos Comenius are published in this series. Like Comenius himself, the publications move in the field of tension between religion, philosophy. Pedagogy and literature.

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